Your Guide To Physiotherapy In Dee Why

Whether we love Soccer(football), Aussie Rules, Cricket, or Tennis, sports physiotherapy is vital. No one has more responsibility in keeping our love of the game sharp, than those who are tasked with making sure that the sport's best players stay on the field. Exactly what skills do they require?

Obviously, someone qualified in sports physiotherapy must be highly trained and experienced. In addition to the study required to obtain the necessary qualifications, there are other skills that will set someone out as a successful physiotherapist. They are:

  • Overall Conditioning - Having a sports physiotherapy practitioner who is in good physical shape not only helps the practitioner to attend to patients quickly, but it will enhance their appreciation for the position that the player finds themselves in, empathy, in other words.

  • People Handling Skills - Being a good person manager is vital. The physiotherapist requires the trust of the player, so if those people handling skills are missing, the player will likely not relax when attended to, and the injury will not be treated well, since the area will not be malleable.

  • Focus, Determination and Motivation - Sometimes it is not realized that being a sports physio is a very active and demanding profession. Being called on to respond quickly, efficiently and, at times, firmly, is something that a sedentary practitioner will not succeed at. In addition, Focus and Determination are necessary to be able to respond at times that may not be convenient, or that may fit outside of what may be considered 'normal office hours'.

  • Integration Skills - Sports physiotherapy can require that a practitioner work sometimes away from their home, or, even their country. A physiotherapist who lacks integration skills will not succeed in adapting to foreign environments and/or countries. It is therefore vital that the physio analyze their own personality and work on their integration skills.

  • Trust - Being a physiotherapist can require that they work with clients of all ages. The physio should therefore have an adequate level of trust credibility. For instance, in Australia, does the physiotherapist hold a current 'Working with Children' card, and/or a 'Police Clearance' pass. These would be necessary for any practitioner who can demonstrate sufficient level of trust to work with youths and other vulnerable groups.


Sports Physiotherapy - Keeping Our Sportspeople Moving

Clearly, Sports Physiotherapy is a discipline that requires highly educated, experienced and motivated professionals. For those considering a career, the first step would obviously be a period of self examination and refinement. Following this foundation, the individual would then be ready to see if they would be in a position to undertake the necessary tertiary requirements.

For those who have passed the standards, we sports lovers are immensely grateful. The sports physiotherapy pro is a silent, valuable team member who doesn't and won't get the plaudits that they deserve. However, despite this, what would our teams be without their hard work, motivation, and effectiveness? Yes, Sports Physiotherapy are the wheels that keep our teams moving forward. Next time that we have the opportunity to watch our team play, oh, and by the way, my team is Arsenal F.C., spare a thought for the Sports Physio, a true hero of the team!